Cloud SAM


Why purchase a complex solution when it is the resulting reports that matter? Various tools offer different ways of handling Software Asset Management, but all of them require repetitive administrative work. Atea is able to minimize this work by offering Software Asset Management as a service.

Atea Cloud Software Asset Management (Cloud SAM) is a cloud based solution delivering accurate License Compliance Reports with minimal administration required from you.

In 2011 Microsoft recognized Atea Cloud SAM as the world's 1st SAM solution built on the Windows Azure platform.

Key features

  • We provide you with online reports that show all necessary information about license compliance and software usage
  • Atea SAM specialists keep reports updated on a daily basis
  • Software recognition identifies all licensable and also blacklisted software such as games
  • The service is offered on a subscription-basis with a fixed price per pc/server per month


  • Lower your license costs dramatically. Reports show the actual usage of licenses to help you cut license costs by uninstalling unused software. There are also specific features showing how well utlized Adobe suites are
  • Trustworthy data. Atea SAM specialists ensure accurate and consistent data delivery
  • Significantly reduced costs for license management. We provide business intelligence (BI) for SAM and your only action is to make decisions on the data in reports

There are two versions of Cloud SAM available:

  • Cloud SAM Standard includes full Microsoft and Adobe license management and software recognition
  • Cloud SAM Enterprise includes license management for an unlimited number of vendors. You also get access to Atea's license management tool, Compliance Manager, plus the additional Cost Saving Report and License Compliance Report for all vendors
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